Listen: Stomp!

After our recent visit to the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Ninja and I were poking around on their website and found a video of some artist doing avant-garde percussiony things. As we watched, it became clear that some of the things he was banging on came from somebody’s kitchen (or some store’s kitchen department).

It reminded me of the good old days when my little ones would pull stuff out of the cupboards and drawers and innovate (though at the time my enjoyment was probably at least partially obscured by unreasonable expectations about the importance of making meals and keeping things organized).

And it reminded me of the fascination I first felt when watching these people make interesting sounds with things intended for entirely different purposes. Here’s a favorite clip:


Not only does this make me want to bang on some things–it makes we want to sit in a comfortable harness and swing back and forth while banging on some things. Mental wheels turning….

[Images: Maxim Schulz,]



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