And I quote: Dorothy L. Sayers


One way or another, I think a fair amount about information, knowledge, and wisdom. Much of my time currently is concerned with home school for Ninja (the way we’re answering the education question presented by our living half of each year in Spain). And when I’m not working on home school, I’m often busy doing other knowledge-based things–writing, editing, reading, researching.

It’s no surprise, then, that this quote caught my attention, especially as it comes from a fictional detective close to my heart, Lord Peter Wimsey:

“There is only one kind of wisdom that has any social value, and that is the knowledge of one’s own limitations.”

This can be discouraging knowledge to hold, though it can also be freeing. You could say that we don’t begin to make progress until we’re honest about those limitations.

Of course, aphorisms invite contradiction. Even as I’m nodding my head about the importance of knowing my limitations, I’m thinking, but surely there are other kinds of wisdom that have social value?

I’ll acknowledge that one of my limitations is not having a really good idea of the definitive hierarchy of things and their genuine social value. I’m happy to address that limitation, though, if anyone is willing to enlighten me. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.





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