Art to Share: Warren Keelan

Warren Keelan has taken some amazing photographs, of subjects that don’t hold still for the camera. As usual with my Art to Share posts, get to the biggest screen you can find to have the best view of these–you’ll want to lean into them and get some spray on your face.









I’m fumbling to know how to express myself about these images: one looks like it’s made of molten metal, another like it has been carved. Another looks like a mountain that will endure, instead of a cliff of water that had moved before the camera’s shutter reset itself.

Warren Keelan works in the waters off the coast of New South Wales, in a wetsuit most of the time, combining water and light to make beauty. I’m glad that Colossal brought his work to my attention, and that I can always go find others at his website. I’m hoping that these few pictures have given you a thirst for more.

[Images: Warren Keelan]

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