Making it up to you

zipperIf you notice that your friend is looking fine today, except for the fact that her zipper is down,* you’d want to help her out, right? I mean, she wouldn’t want to walk around for the rest of the day like that. Likewise, if you notice that an email from my blog comes to you with egg on its face, do let me know–I’ll want to get that taken care of.

I’m grateful to have been alerted that two of Wednesday’s videos didn’t come through in the email version of the post. They show up fine on the website, but something in the html went awry in the email version (most likely user error).

If you are subscribed to lorinotes and see posts by email, here are the two videos that you probably couldn’t see.


What can I do to make it up to you? If you were paying for each post I’d give you a couple for free. Short of that, can you think of some suitable gesture, some perq I might provide?

If you’re interested in scrolling back through the archives, it’s actually a little easier to do it on twitter than on the actual blog. @ForsythLori has all the posts back to the beginning, in March of 2014. The lead images don’t show up when you’re back a few years, but it’s an easy click to each original post.

While we’re having a post about posts, let me ask you–have you had any other technical problems? Have you tried to comment and it hasn’t gone well? Have you tried to subscribe and it didn’t work? Can you find things you search for? Do you know how to reach me if you want to? (noteslori [at] gmail [dot] com.)I’d love to hear from you, by email or by comment. Seeing a notice that there’s a new comment from a reader makes my day.

*I think it was my high school boyfriend’s dad who used to draw tactful attention to this problem with a reference to Isaiah 6:5, which reads, “Woe is me! for I am undone….”



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