Folding a Lori Note

This year we’re leaving for Valencia¬†about a week earlier than we usually do, which means we’re now in the thick of packing away all manner of things (even the Christmas decorations are having their traditional out-of-the-box season cut short). There’s plenty of sorting, purging, arranging and folding to do.

While I fold clothes, towels, and blankets, I’ve got some folding for you, too. Having created¬†the Lori Notes blog, I was interested to learn that there’s something called a Lori Note Fold. It makes a handy little packet. Though I had nothing to do with the invention, I can at least share a video that explains how to do it.

If you tend not to watch instructional videos because they’re too slow, here’s a trick that Fiddler taught me: in the bottom right corner of a youtube video, click on the gear, choose speed, and change it to 1.25, 1.5 or even 2. There now, that was quick!



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