Art to Share: Rick Eggert



There are any number of things we might seek out in times of trial to help us to cope. I’m inclined to look for those that won’t cause hangovers or dependencies or the need to buy larger clothes. Today I wanted something both beautiful and soothing, and I found it in the glass sculptures of Rick Eggert.


Marmalade burst

I don’t have a well-developed vocabulary for talking about art or beauty, and the gestures I’m making while I’m trying to explain aren’t accessible to you. Happily, since you can see them too, you’re not dependent on anything I say, but maybe between us we can come up with some words to arrange next to them.



I can start simply: I like the colors. The forms look both fluid and still, and like something I might want to taste.  I like thinking up some sort of story for the groups.




These could be creative writing prompts, couldn’t they?



Autumn evening breeze




Resting your eyes on these sculptures feels like something that can create a little space of calm. I saw a few of them first in a post by Colossal, which is a great source of interesting art.

Eggert doesn’t work only in glass. Here’s an example of something a little less soothing, a little more quirky:


Old school

Last semester Loquita made a cardboard shoe much like these. I’m sure this picture would get her itching to start creating. She’s full-time into missionary mode right now, but there will be ample amounts of cardboard and time in her post-mission future, I’m sure.

There’s plenty more of Rick Eggert’s art here.

[Images: Rick Eggert]


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