The single most powerful word in our democracy


Alabama state troopers putting the bloody in “Bloody Sunday”

Many of us in the US voted this week, and for a little more than half of those that did, it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to.* Still, I recognize the privilege of voting, and am grateful for a system that allows for the orderly transfer of power from one leader to the next.

I was also reminded of the difficult work that made it possible for all citizens to vote. In 2015 President Obama gave a speech commemorating the first march 50 years before from Selma, Alabama, a march to call attention to the discrimination that prevented so many African Americans from registering to vote. March 7th, 1965 became known as “Bloody Sunday.” The speech is a powerful one, and was heartening. Among other things, it’s good to be reminded that “America’s not some fragile thing.”

If you don’t have the half hour right now to see the whole thing, watch the eight minutes beginning at 23:50. I’ll also include the Songify version, which Ninja and I like a lot.

And now, with music:

According to President Obama, the single most powerful word in our democracy is the word “we.” In a time when divisions between us feel very stark, I’m grateful for the reminder.

*The totals updated at 10:30, November 12, show 60,265,858 votes for Trump, 60,839,922 for Clinton

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