A few pieces of advice

adviceI thought perhaps if I waited another day, I’d be able to come up with something to say about the US presidential election. Actually, I had plenty to say yesterday, but in keeping with the advice of mothers everywhere (“If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all”), I decided it would be best not to share.

I also recognize that wringing my hands is of limited utility. I’m probably better advised to be reaching out with them, especially to those who have even more reason than I to be concerned about the incoming president. I had a chance to give a ride into Boston to some Iraqi refugees last week, and that was a great experience. Maybe I can hug my Mexican friends and assure them of my confidence in their moral character.

The idea of coming together as a nation is the sort of thing that gets tossed around during political theater, but it’s more important now than it has been for decades. It’s probably time to transition from, “I just can’t understand how anyone could support that man” to putting more effort into that project.

There are a great many variations of this popular advice, but in our current situation, I think the original is best:




We spent much of the day in the waiting room at the Spanish Consulate in Boston, but when I wasn’t there, I was trotting back and forth to our car to put more quarters in the meter. This gave me lots of chances to pass the Arlington Street Church which faces the Boston Public Garden. The sermon scheduled for Sunday is titled, “Love the hell out of the world.” That’s got meaning on two levels, at least, and struck me as good advice.

Do you have advice to add to what I’ve gathered here?



[Images: barclaylittlewood.com, keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk, flickr.com]


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