When projects collide


It being Wednesday, of course I want to be blogging. But we’re also in the middle of the latest outbreak of kitchen renovations (it’s like a disease that we can manage, but can never quite cure). This has involved patching walls, running electrical lines, nudging makeshift arrangements into more permanent, respectable postures, and of course, painting.

There are things about painting that I don’t mind so much, and others that I’d much rather do without. We made it through the painful ordeal that began with using an online tool to help us envision certain colors on our very own walls, and progressed to standing in the aisle at the hardware store staring at paint samples and wishing to be anywhere else.


We’ve also made it through the first coat on many surfaces, and we like at least some of what’s happening. We dislike the color-choosing stage enough that it would take a rather dreadful outcome to force us back to it. If we’re just unsure, we might settle with what we’ve got, even if we’d perhaps prefer a bit more contrast in color between the molding and the wall by the kitchen table.

Well and good–the various elements of the project are coming along. But I’ve got a couple of buckets of apples destined to become apple butter, and their biological clock is ticking. How is it that big projects tend to bunch up like this?


This morning while I beat back the renovation chaos, I thought, I could just about get those apples simmering, but then I remembered how much Ninja likes to help with making the applesauce that is the early stage of apple butter, so I decided it had better wait until he got home from school.

Now, though, the temporary tidiness of this morning has given way to everything-in-a-jumble again, and Ninja’s got a bunch of homework. So I paint a little more, and contemplate doing the apples tomorrow while he’s at school, reserving enough for an after-school batch, though that would mean two clean-up sessions.


There really is something to the idea that physical disorder can get in the way of clear thinking, though I can’t blame all of my indecision on the mess. Some must be attributed to the bagpipes in the soundtrack that Ninja is streaming while he works on homework.


I don’t know whether we’ll have the walls finished or the apple butter begun when bedtime rolls around, but it’s likely that a completely clean kitchen is still some way off in the future. Wish me luck!

[For once, all the images are mine]












2 thoughts on “When projects collide

  1. I wish you luck! Disorder can be very distressing and can, indeed, interfere with clear thinking. Many of us suffer with this.

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