Register now, fulminate later.


If you are eligible to vote in the US presidential election in November, you may feel very strongly about supporting one or the other candidate. You may feel very strongly only about despising one or the other candidate. You may have no idea what to do about any of the ballot questions in your state. There’s plenty of time yet to get it all sorted out, with one exception. Time is running out to get registered to vote. Have you checked that box?

If you’re not sure, you can fill in the form at this link and have “Rock the Vote” check on that for you, or take advantage of various other online resources, or check the old fashioned way, by calling your town or city hall.

If you aren’t yet registered to vote, you’ll want information about how to fix that. You’re out of luck if you live in Puerto Rico, as the deadline was September 19th. You have no worries if you live in one of the thirteen states that allow same-day registration. If you fit neither category, look here to find your deadline, and whether you can register online. There are deadlines coming up October 8th.




If the whole election prospect has you wanting to roll over and go back to bed, or if you feel like your vote won’t make any difference anyway, then there’s a TED talk you might be interested in. Eric Liu thinks we can reinvigorate the culture of voting in the US. Here are a few lines from near the end of his talk:

“There’s no such thing as not voting. Not voting IS voting–for everything that you may detest and oppose. Not voting can be dressed up as an act of principled passive resistance, but in fact not voting is actively handing power over to those whose interests are counter to your own and those who would be very glad to take advantage of your absence. Not voting is for suckers.”

Hmm. I wonder how he really feels? You can hear Eric Liu’s TED talk here.

Whichever way you think you’ll vote in November, making sure you’re registered will keep your options open.





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