Inside a Mormon Temple


If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a Mormon temple is like, there are few different ways to get access.* One is through photographs, and I’ll include some links below.  Another is to attend an open house on the occasion of a temple being completed or renovated.

There are currently three temples almost ready for dedication, but the open house for one closes in a couple of hours, so unless you’re in Fort Collins, Colorado, and ready to head over there right now, your best bet would be to plan for either Star Valley, Wyoming or Hartford, Connecticut.

Here’s how it works: go to this link and click on the “reserve” button. Indicate how many people plan to come (you and 14 friends are fine–if you have a larger group, there’s another procedure), and which date and time you’d like to be there. You need an email address for the reservation confirmation to be sent, and you can print or bring your reservation on a smart phone.

Then you show up, see a short introductory video, take the tour, and eat a few cookies in a hospitality tent on your way out. There are volunteers around to answer your questions.

Artist's rendering of the Hartford LDS temple

Artist’s rendering of the Hartford LDS temple

If both Star Valley and Hartford are far from where you are, you’ll have other options in the future. Though the Philadelphia temple open house has finished (dedication is Sunday, September 18, 2016), there are temples under construction in Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Meridian, Idaho;† Tucson, Arizona (we hope Loquita will be there when it’s dedicated); Cedar City, Utah; Concepción, Chile; Barranquilla, Columbia; Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Fortaleza, Brazil; Durban, South Africa; and Lisbon, Portugal. Here’s hoping that you’re close enough to one of those to get a chance to take a tour. They’ll be well worth seeing.

Payson, Utah LDS temple

Payson, Utah LDS temple

Here’s a link with some interior shots; and here are exterior views of many of the temples throughout the world. The LDS Newsroom put together this slide show on the occasion of the open house for the Payson, Utah temple, where I attended a couple of weddings in July. It’s truly beautiful. Further down at that link there’s a 15-minute video talking about temples. If you’ve got any questions, let me know.


Perhaps the most famous LDS temple, dedicated in Salt Lake City, 1893

Perhaps the most famous LDS temple, dedicated in Salt Lake City, 1893


*Because an LDS temple is a place for making sacred covenants, once dedicated it is open for those ready to make those covenants. Before dedication the public is invited to tour the building and grounds, and to ask any questions they might have about temples. Here’s a link on why Mormons build them.

†Paris, Rome and Meridian don’t often end up at the same parties, but this is an exception.

[Images:,, wikipedia]

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