Listen: Morten Lauridsen


El Guapo mentioned the other day that he’d been listening to a lot of music by a composer that I had introduced him to, Morten Lauridsen. I had nothing at all filed under that name in my mind, so I was plenty confused. He reminded me of one of Lauridsen’s loveliest works, and I realized that I had the music filed under “University of Utah Singers” and “Amazing” and “Let’s listen to that one again.” It seems only fair that I add a tag with the composer’s name.

By rights it should also be filed under “Christmas,” as the text of the piece comes from a chant whose words include reference to the animals witnessing the birth of Jesus, and to his mother Mary. Originally I had thought I’d wait until that season to bring it to you, but there are so many interesting things to listen to in December that things can get crowded.

I think we can get away with listening to it now without having our heads filled with Christmas lyrics if we stick with the Latin. At least, that should work for those of us who don’t know much Latin–my apologies if this is going to mess with your multilingual head. Two notes: “O Magnum Mysterium” means Oh Great Mystery, and the gn in magnum is pronounced ny, giving us “manyum.” Now we can get to the music.








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