Lori Notes turns 200

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I guess it’s time to celebrate–Happy Two Hundred Lori Notes! I can’t figure out a way to get cake or sparkling cider to all of you, but I can thank you for coming, and for reading the notes that I work hard to create.*

I’d like nothing better than to have you make yourself comfortable and stay awhile, doing the blogging equivalent of binge watching, or treating the blog like the equivalent of a book recommended by a good friend. If you don’t have that kind of time, you could wander through the blog by themes: you’ll find things to listen to and watch, as well as posts on art, quotes, travel, recipes, and various less categorizable things. You can use the tag cloud, the search bar, or browse by month and let the photos be your guide.

Finally, I’ve handpicked a collection from the last 100 that I hope will make you glad you came.

To look at:

Mikko Lagerstedt






To watch:

Mind stretch: Motion capture


Go-go goats



Getting things done


To listen to:

Zoë Keating

Cellist Zoe Keating in a redwood grove near Occidental, California


Alex Boyé



“You will be woken by the chirping of the birds”



A recipe:

Banana Cream Pie

My cousin Sheryl sent me the picture.


And random:

Poetry, but not right now.



Infrequently Asked Questions, travel edition

Berlin locksmith 2016 copy

Only the Gringos are speaking Spanish here.



Links to highlights from my first hundred posts can be found here.

My drafts folder is bursting, and most days bring me something that seems to want to grow up to be a blog post, so I’ve got my sights set on the next milestone. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

[Image credits are given in source posts]


*I began writing this blog because I know that writing makes me a better thinker. I’m a matchmaker, as well–when I’ve found an interesting thing I look forward to matching it up with an interested person, and writing here lets me do that on a larger scale. I’d love to hear from you if in some blog post I’ve made a match for you that you feel is a happy one.

10 thoughts on “Lori Notes turns 200

    • While I’m bumping up against my twice-weekly self-imposed deadlines I sometimes wonder, but when I look at the whole thing together, I’m glad to see how it all comes together. Thanks for being willing to read!

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