Blackberry encore and a Chinese garden

El Guapo gathering blackberries

El Guapo gathering blackberries

You may recall that last year we were lucky enough to visit Oregon while the blackberries were rioting along the roadsides. We had come to visit El Guapo’s sister and her husband and their thoroughly entertaining goats.

We had so much fun that we were eager to make the trip again; the fact that we showed up during this year’s blackberry season was not intentional, but entirely awesome. While we wait for the Blackberry Crisp to bake, I have another treat: I’ll show you some pictures from the Chinese garden we visited in Portland this afternoon.

Portland’s sister city in China, Suzhou, is famous for its Ming Dynasty gardens. The garden that has been created in Portland’s Chinatown is designed to give you a sense for the sanctuary of a wealthy Chinese family of the 16th century. You can take a virtual tour at their website, here.

And here are a few pictures that El Guapo took while we soaked in the tranquility.

















I’m sorry we can’t share the Blackberry Crisp, but I’m happy to share the recipe–find it in last year’s blackberry heaven post.



[Images: yours truly, El Guapo]

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