Venice sounds


I’m closing my eyes and thinking back to the sounds of Venice: the lapping of water against canal steps, the cooing of pigeons, the calls of the gondoliers, the sound of bells, some from church towers, others from shop doors opening, the splash of water in a fountain, the clattering of suitcase wheels, murmured conversations in various languages. Perhaps I just imagine the little clicking sound of selfie sticks being extended.

There was also music: an operatic serenade from a passing gondola, a bohemian guitarist in front of some church steps, a dapper duo with an accordion, a young woman with a cello and a portable speaker that provided piano accompaniment to sweeping sentimental favorites.

And in a quiet piazza, in dappled sunlight, we settled ourselves to listen to a man with a white beard playing an instrument I now know as a Bulgarian gadulka. El Guapo recorded a little segment to share with you, so close your eyes and imagine that you’re sitting beside us on the ground while we listen:


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Venetian Gadulka Player

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The artist was not a quaint rustic–we snapped a photo of the CD he had for sale, and a search brought up a link to a youtube video that’s nicely done. If you’d like a second helping of the gadulka, as well as some interesting views of scenes from Venezia, take a look:

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