Searching for mundane Venice


Fiddler, Ginger, me and Ninja canal-side in Venice

I’m sure you could say this for many travel destinations, but it’s especially true of Venice: the city is so picturesque that the impulse to say, “Oh Look!” gets downright repetitive. Any number of people make their living photographing it, sketching it, painting it, leading tours around its paths and steering gondolas along its canals.

But there are also any number of people who make their living in Venice doing other things, and during our recent visit I was watching for signs of their work. Though there are lots of sleek water taxis whose gleaming woodwork would feel at home on a yacht, there are more workaday vessels, too. This one was piled high with huge bags of laundry, no doubt gathered from local hotels:


This boat is a portable farmers’ market–it just pulls up next to the sidewalk bordering the canal and is ready for business.


There’s no mistaking yon vessel for a pleasure barge, though I’m not exactly sure what type of work it usually does:


Sometimes coming out of a winding alley and finding ourselves at another canal, it was hard to tell just what we were seeing, though we were quite happy to look.


And then there were unexpected sights that captured our fancy:


When your streets are canals, you need to be prepared to keep your feet dry.

I’ll gather up a collection to show a more picturesque Venice for an upcoming post. Both the mundane and the lovely brought us big smiles.


[Images: the more polished ones are El Guapo’s; the rest are mine]

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