We interrupt these travel posts…


…to bring you news of impending travel on a large scale. Our daughter Loquita has her eye on the mailbox today because she has reason to believe that in a matter of hours, that humble black receptacle will present her with her mission call.


This is our New England mailbox, but as we’re in Spain and Loquita is in Utah, it will be missing all the action.

If you have some experience with LDS missionaries (either because you have talked with a few, or have studiously avoided talking with a few) and have wondered about how the whole mission thing works in the 21st century, consider me your handy neighborhood Mormon, and ask any question you’ve got. I’m just biding my time until we hear from Loquita that the mail has come, at which point we’ll set up a video call and watch her open the envelope that will tell her where she’ll spend 18 months, what language she’ll be speaking, and how soon she needs to pack. Exciting times!

[Images: lds.org, El Guapo]

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