Answers to those IAQs, Part 1

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Infrequently Asked Questions:

Just what is the best strategy for a shower when you have only four minutes of hot water?

If you lather up with soap while waiting for the water to get hot, then do a quick rinse, wet your hair, turn the water off, then shampoo, odds are good that you can get the shampoo rinsed out before things get too uncomfortable.

Other than the little hot water challenge, the place we stayed in Spinea (not far from Venice) was very nice–roomy, quiet, and comfortable, a short garden walk to a little shopping area where we found a restaurant for Saturday evening and a grocery store that provisioned us through Sunday.

What comes on your pizza in Venezia when you order it with pepperoni?

Not disks of spicy sausage, as we’ve accustomed to, but thin slices of bell pepper. We’d been consulting the menu to choose our other pizzas and felt we knew what to expect, but Ninja didn’t need to see the menu–his vote was for pepperoni. Without giving it more thought, that’s what we passed along to the waitress.

It turned out to be a good thing, as the relatively simple pepper topping was a nice foil to the richer and more complex toppings on the other two, which included brie, capers, and sausage, among other things. The specifics are fading, but not the pervading sense of gustatory well-being. The pizzas were delicious.

How can you get separated from your traveling companions just by exiting from two different doors of the plane?

Well, it’s like this: if two of your party depart from the back of the plane, and three from the front, you’d think that you’d all meet up again very shortly–the plane isn’t all that long. But if the three from the front make their way along hall after hall to the passport control line and begin hunting for writing implements with which to fill out the little forms, and the two from the back assume that they got out first, so station themselves strategically someplace to be able to reunite with the three, and then the three get past passport control and can therefore no longer go back to try to find the two, and the cell phone batteries have died, and it’s past midnight and everyone just wants to go to sleep, but there’s a rather long bus ride still to come, well, that’s how.


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