Infrequently Asked Questions, Travel Edition

Berlin locksmith 2016 copy

I wouldn’t be surprised if these questions hardly ever get asked, but they’ve been of considerable importance to us in the last week:

Just what is the best strategy for a shower when you have only four minutes of hot water?

What comes on your pizza in Venezia when you order it with pepperoni?

What happens when the airport fire alarm begins blaring while your carryon luggage is inside the security scanner, and everyone is told to evacuate?

How can you get separated from your traveling companions just by exiting from two different doors of the plane?

How long will it take the locksmith, called at midnight, to break into the Airbnb flat that your host’s key was unable to open?

What happens when a race to catch a plane is crossed with “Mom, the sole of my shoe is coming off the bottom, and these are my only shoes on the trip”?

When “wifi provided” turns out to have been a polite (or impolite) fiction, and you need internet for making travel arrangements, what is plan B?

In what game does one come across Thor and a time-traveling enchilada?

Just how wet can you get in a “chance of rain” in London? (for those guessing “wetter than in a four-minute shower,” extra points!)

If you’re curious about the answers to these questions, stay tuned for answers in part one, two and three, as our intrepid travelers explore Venice, London, Berlin and Frankfurt.

6 thoughts on “Infrequently Asked Questions, Travel Edition

  1. Great, Lori. You describe the trials and tribulations of travel so well–We almost feel we are with you!

    • Thanks, Marian. I’m glad to be able to convey some of the experience, while knowing that you didn’t have to sit with me on the tile floor waiting for the locksmith….

  2. Wow! So many adventures and “learning opportunities” for you! We really are spoiled most of the time and don’t even know it huh?

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