220px-1960s_Batmobile_(FMC) Loquita is, by her own admission, a creative speller. I feel confident that she’d be on board with Mark Twain’s opinion: “Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.” As such, she takes advantage of spellcheck regularly, and it helps keep her professors happy.

Autocorrect on her phone, though, can cause no end of confusion. One day when she tried to type “batmobile,” her phone gave her “nativity” instead. With only the a, t and i in common, it seems quite an unlikely revision, but I’m sure stranger things have happened. Maybe they’ve happened to you. What’s the weirdest thing your autocorrect has ever done for you?


Nativity tagged as “Waldorf” on Pinterest†

I suppose we should take solace in the fact that it’s not as bad as it used to be. Cupertino Effect, anyone?*

Lotsa Lesu sm

This is not an example of the Cupertino effect, but of Loquita and the Droste effect.


*If you want to go off searching for examples, do so with care, as instances put forward as the funniest are often those in which the substituted words are ones not mentioned in polite company.

†It’s Liebling’s birthday, and as she’s a Waldorf teacher in Germany, I’m glad to be able to feature an image with a Waldorf vibe. Happy Birthday, Honey!

[Images: Jennifer Graylock on Wikipedia, Cloudberry Crafts, El Guapo]

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