Las Fallas fireworks, 2016

0 Fireworks 1200 P1340834

It’s half past midnight, and the band music outside is impressively loud, though not as loud as the intermittent freelance explosions. I’m trying to stay awake to see tonight’s official fireworks display, which is set for 1 am in the old riverbed of the Turia. I say I’m trying to stay awake, but who am I kidding? If I decide instead to try to go to sleep amid the cacophony, what are my chances?

Update, 1:36 am: the fireworks were epic, to borrow a favorite word from Ninja. El Guapo will put together a little sampler. With the sound waves from the band in the next block echoing down the concrete canyon between them and us, it might be hours before quiet prevails and we manage to sleep. But Las Fallas only goes on for two more days. We can sleep next week.

If my door is still closed when you get up, don’t wake me, okay?

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