Valencian Valentine

Thumb 2 Hemisferic smEl Guapo has put together some very fine Valentine visuals over the years, including the one I posted last year that comes complete with poetry. This year’s creation is not of the pink-hearts variety; although it does include a love song, it’s really sort of a Valentine to Valencia, featuring lots of interesting landmarks.* My apologies to all the readers of Lori Notes that don’t know me or my family personally, because we keep walking in front of those interesting landmarks. Still, I bet you’ll like the song.

Last spring, when we realized that our two youngest kids tended to ignore fine Spanish days in favor of their various screens, we invented a pretext to get them out of the flat–Daddy’s got a video project–we’ve got to film! Shoes on, let’s go–yes, everyone. Ready?

I’m glad to be able to share my Valentine’s Day gift with you: it combines our love for Valencia with el Guapo’s fascination with video, and captures some great memories from last year.† We hope it encourages you to want to visit this fine city.

* It didn’t start out as a Valentine, actually. Its transformation began last night at about 10 pm, when el Guapo’s interest in having something Valentine-y met his memory of all that footage that hadn’t yet come together into the project he had envisioned. Several hours later he’d gotten it nicely shaped into a good memory collection for us.

†For those of you shivering in the midst of punishing winter weather, don’t think that we’re flaunting short-sleeve weather just to make you jealous. These clips were all taken in May and June of last year. It was actually cold and rainy in Valencia today. I know, such a hard life we have.


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