A gift to the world

Last Christmas I shared a little video that combined scenes of experiences you might have had yourself in the last few days with scenes of what we can only imagine, but which many of us think about when we’re putting on a nativity play.* The source of those scenes is the video I share today. I’m happy to note that playing the part of Joseph is my friend Alex Greenfield.† I think it will make a nice addition to your Christmas Eve.


Some things are worth watching twice–here’s the one from last year.

Happy Christmas!

*Christmas is a time of spiritual importance, but we’re of the opinion that such things don’t need to be somber. Our pageants have often featured one of the three kings played by Grandma wearing a fine conical wooden bowl on her head, “sheep” draped in loopy bath mats and narrators facing great difficulty getting through the scriptural text because of the laughter. Picture much rejoicing, yea, verily, and great joy.

†I’m proud to say he’s a follower of this blog. Hey, Alex! If any of the rest of you have been in a movie we should see, I want to hear details.

[image from UPAEP ATLIXCO]


2 thoughts on “A gift to the world

    • And to you! The magazine cover photo on the December Ensign catches you entirely in character, looking like it’s been a long walk from Nazareth. I hope in real life you have a restful holiday 🙂

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