Listen: Will Todd

victrolaAt the 2015 Boston LDS Temple Devotional a few weeks ago I heard a choral piece performed by a group of perhaps 16 singers. The choir had not recorded anything together, but hearing them sing created in me a powerful thirst to hear the music again. I’m happy that I found a version I can share with you.

“Call of Wisdom,” by British composer Will Todd, was commissioned by St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth* in 2012. Through the wonders of modern technology, you don’t have to put up with my attempts to describe why I like it so much; you can listen to see if you like it, too.

Learn more about Will Todd here. His choral works are here.

Here's what the queen wore when she first heard this music; I had to make do without a hat.

Here’s what the queen wore when she first heard this music; I had to make do without a hat.

Queen Elizabeth II is only the second monarch in British history to have a Diamond Jubilee; Victoria was the first. Her Majesty the Queen had a lot going on to commemorate her 60-year reign, with festivities spread over several weeks’ time. These included a cavalcade at Windsor Castle featuring 550 horses, the largest flotilla on the Thames in 350 years, and the lighting of some 4,000 beacons all over the Commonwealth. Apparently the Pop group Madness played on the roof of Buckingham palace,† which is ever so slightly hard for me to picture.

What is more, at Windsor Castle in May the queen hosted an informal lunch for a group of 20+ monarchs (past and present) from other countries. A few dozen monarchs having an informal lunch together? Harder to picture than a Ska band atop Buckingham Palace. The Royals generally appear knee-deep in protocol, but perhaps they do let their collective hair down sometimes. It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall at the event, though I’m sure there’s a minister of preventing flying insects in the Presence, so such would not be allowed.


Here’s the Google Doodle that appeared for the Diamond Jubilee.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go back up and listen to “Call of Wisdom” one more time. Join me!

[Images:, Wikipedia, Google Doodles]

*I learn here that while the traditional way to address the queen upon meeting her is “your majesty,” after that “ma’am” will do. I don’t know how many of us will have an opportunity to use this knowledge, but at least now we have it.

†Among the songs Madness played was “Our House,” which you can find here. It doesn’t compare with the beauty above, but it’s catchy.


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