2 thoughts on “Look at it this way:

  1. Thanks for this.

    The master of this art is perhaps Scott Kim, or he was at least a pioneer. http://www.scottkim.com.previewc40.carrierzone.com/inversions/

    One of my favorites is the logo for xpedx: http://r1.myprintresource.com/files/base/image/CGN/2014/03/16×9/1280×720/xpedx-logo_11323144.jpg

    And the name “xpedx” has the advantage that, but for the “e”, it is an ambigram in most ordinary typefonts. You might be aware of the idea of a palindrome (a word or phrase that reads the same when the letters are reversed), but I also like to look for “rotational palindromes”, such as “pod” or “WOW MOM”.

    And don’t get me started on the “mirror palindromes such as “bod”…

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