There’s been something of a dry spell at Lori Notes over the past few weeks, but it’s not that nothing has been happening–quite the opposite, in fact. I’ve got dozens of drafts started, but they all seem to be jockeying for position, and there’s a bit of a tangle at the starting gate. But I’m mixing my metaphors.

I’ll get back to sorting things out, but I just wanted to issue a forecast: the dry spell is soon to be over–in the next several weeks watch for posts about blackberry heaven, small planes, tiny drones, a sheep skull, going over the edge of the cliff, and anachronistic accidents. Stay tuned–


[Images: National Weather Service, Alcinoe at Wikipedia]


3 thoughts on “Forecast

  1. I’ve been on a bit of a writing/posting spree but I’ve got more free time this summer (would rather be working more, though). Still, I am using the time to hone my photography skills and writing. Tons of drafts in the works like you.

    I will stay tuned.

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