479px-Rob_Lowe_2012_Shankbone_2I had a dream the other night in which I was looking for a way to interact with somebody who was probably Rob Lowe.

It seems he had a container (like a laundry hamper, or maybe a trash can with a hamper-like lid) filled with heads of lettuce.* He left it behind at school, and I decided that if I took it home I would have the excuse to tell him I had it, and then we could get together so I could give it back to him. I was sure this was very important.

Where DO dreams like these come from, really? I can trace Rob Lowe to the fact that I’d been watching West Wing episodes, but a laundry hamper full of lettuces?


[image by David Shankbone and Mahlum,Wikimedia Commons]

*El Guapo wanted to make an animated gif of Rob Lowe with his eyes turning into heads of lettuce, but I vetoed that both because it’s creepy, and because he’s got grading to do, and is tempted by projects such as this one all too readily.


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