Listen: Anis Mojgani


Today for your listening pleasure I bring you a performance of “Come Closer” by spoken-word artist Anis Mojgani. I’ve heard a couple of different versions; the clip below is from a film called A Strange Brand of Happy.

If you’re as taken with it as I am and want to hear it again, this one is the first version I heard, filmed at New York University in 2009.

Is there a line that stands out to you? I can’t pick a favorite, but I know this bit struck me:

“Know that something softer than us but just as holy planted pieces of Himself into our feet that we might one day dance our way back–know that you are almost home. Come just a little bit closer.”


7 thoughts on “Listen: Anis Mojgani

  1. This. Is. Beautiful. I listened to both recordings several times over. Thank you for sharing!!

    “He made you, and He was happy. You make the Lord happy.” — something we all need to remember. 🙂

    • Absolutely true. And a really good reminder to me, if I’m ever tempted to by irritable with people–they make the Lord happy, so who am I to be cross?

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