Um, actually, no.

2009-mad-sad-emoticonYou see, that’s why I pay el Guapo the big bucks. He’s in Spain right now, and I’m in New England, which shouldn’t mean that his editorial wisdom is unavailable for upcoming posts, but somehow I didn’t send him a draft of my vintage movie queue post, and that was my big mistake.

To close that post I mentioned that I’d heard of an upcoming movie that will be a parody/tribute to 50s monster flicks, and thought no more about it. El Guapo is much more thorough than I am in these things–the movie trailer he hunted down made him question my implied endorsement. He sent it to me, I started to watch it, and bailed in the first minute. I don’t know how bad it gets, but I sure don’t want anyone wading into it on my say-so.

Now, in my high school senior English class one of the assigned books had a part in it that the teacher said we weren’t required to read because it was potentially objectionable. You can bet that many students who’d been lukewarm about the book paid particular attention to those non-required pages.

I don’t mean for that to happen here. Suffice it to say that neither of the were-films mentioned have been screened, and that your time will be better spent on almost anything else. If you watched the trailer already and you’re miffed at me for having caused it to cross your path, my humblest apologies.

I’m tempted to recommend something to help you cleanse your visual palate, but having done so badly last round, I’m hesitant. Instead, I’ll go off and work on an upcoming post of Art to Share. And el Guapo will do his best to keep me out of trouble. In the meantime, watch something pleasant!

(photo credit: Prerana Jangam,

One thought on “Um, actually, no.

  1. if you’re looking for something entirely more on the lighthearted side, I will unreservedly recommend reruns of Arrested Development.

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