2015-02-03_13-14-41_741It’s not that I’m anti-snow. I have all kinds of positive associations with the lovely white stuff, including great memories of powdery drifts in childhood, and an affection for the cozy feeling it often brings as I contemplate it from someplace snug. But as I started the car in pitch darkness this morning at 5:40 am (at least there was a lovely moon), the radio announcer informed me that there’s more snow on the way, and I thought, No!

I don’t know where on the globe you’re currently perched, or what weather you’ve been experiencing, but things have been pretty consistent in New England for the last few weeks. Let’s see: we’ve had snow, and then snow, followed by snow, and it looks like we’re in for some snow! Last week’s blizzard brought us 3 feet (I’m told that my town was one of a handful of communities that made the 36 Inch Club), followed soon after by 8 inches, and then by about 18 more. We were flake-free yesterday, and even saw some sunshine, but it looks like we’ll get a little snow this evening, and another helping for the weekend.

Ninja nestled down

Ninja (appropriately in shadow) nestled down

Meantime, El Guapo watches the weather news from sunny Valencia, España. He’s not gloating, not sending us selfies while holding glasses of freshly squeezed OJ adorned with little umbrellas. In fact, he’s sad that we have to do all the shoveling on our own, but what can he do? He can send detailed instructions for running the generator (which we haven’t yet needed) and the snow blower (which seems to be suffering from congestive carburetor disorder), and offer thoughts on dealing with the frozen sump pump outflow pipe, all of which are appreciated.

The downside to his being Spain-side that will most affect you comes in the photo department. With both our best camera and our best photographer in the EU, the offerings will be limited. If you’re not also settled into this winter wonderland, you may want to call on your own memories of powdery drifts from childhood, or conjure images from Little House on the Prairie. If neither of those work, I’m sure there are online galleries (snow)packed full of gargantuan snow drifts. I’m not going to have time to link to them, though. I’ve got to chip the ice off the shovel handle, and see about widening the opening of the slot canyon that is the end of our driveway, knowing it won’t be long before the next plow comes by to barricade us in again.


By no means our high-snow mark, but it will give you some idea.


The pile to the right is firewood, the pile to the left, a car.


Ninja keeps knocking them off, and they magically return!

Ninja nestled down

We’re so glad we put the trampoline mat away–one less thing to shovel!


5 thoughts on “S(no!)w

  1. Great photos Lori. As your neighbor, we know the Oh S (no!)W feeling! There is another neighbor who you can hire to plow, if you want to go that route….

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