Lori Notes turns 100


Today is my 100th post, and to celebrate I’m linking to a variety of images and ideas from the archives. If you’ve just arrived, I hope you’ll find something to pique your curiosity—this collection gives a taste of the sorts of writing I do and the things I feature. Whatever I’m writing about, my goal is that you’ll be glad you came.* Here are links to some of my past notes:


Laying the groundwork



Art to Share: Shaun Tan



 Thanksgiving in prison



The horns of a dilemma



Virtual scratch and sniff



Mind Stretch: Immapancy

true-size-of-africa mod


Struggling with “where do I put this?” syndrome



Plane crashes, probability, and fear


And hold onto your shorts



False amigos



Dispatches from the Madrid Airport

madrid airport

Family Home Beach

Lori at sunset beach

Turning ’round the house

German windmill

You can’t bring that in here.


To the mothers in Northern Nigeria

par avion

Ritual dance of the compact cars


Not understanding helps me understand.



girl hair sky 002


No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

¡El Fin!

*I don’t know about you, but “sure, I’ll remember to do that” isn’t working out for me as well as it should. “Set it and forget it” is generally more reliable, which is why I encourage you to subscribe to the blog. You can get an email, or a tweet, etc., and then it’s delivered, and you don’t have to remember to go see what’s going on. If you have any troubles getting signed up, email me at noteslori [at] gmail.




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