Migraine media absence

For those of you who don’t get migraines with an aura, I thought you might be interested to see what some of those visual disturbances can look like. I also thought that since you can find just about anything on the internet, I’d probably be able to find some images to show you.

76563902But here’s the thing: I can’t bring myself to do it. I began an image search, and I had to bail. I think it’s because I started a migraine last night, and it hasn’t quite let go of me yet. Today, those pictures that look just like the jagged lines that float around in my vision don’t just remind me in an abstract way of a dreaded headache. I pull back as if I’m going to be attacked.

I know that some people who suffer from migraines don’t merely get queasy when they see something that mimics the aura (light flickering through tree branches, for instance); such an experience can actually trigger the headache. So in case such pictures bring either terrible memories or potential crashing pain to you, I’m not going to include them here. I did pull up this link, though, with some information, and some pictures–I squinted a little, and mostly looked away. Here’s hoping it’s just a matter of idle curiosity for you.

3 thoughts on “Migraine media absence

  1. Interesting, Lori. Both Bill and I have “scintillating scatoma”, very infrequently. Mine is usually followed by a bad headache for a couple of hours. I have some good medication for that. Bill doesn’t have the headache, but some times has the aphasia. Sorry you have this too!

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