Laying the groundwork


Even though I’m the one doing most of the talking in these posts (though I’m very grateful for your comments–keep them coming!), I sometimes wish we could have more of a conversation. When I’m talking about an idea, I’d like to be able to draw on things we both know, and to make connections between what we’re talking about and information or experiences that will bring the point home. If I’m making the current point, and at the same time looking for ways to pack in a lot of background or relevant cultural references, a post can begin to get a little unwieldy.

Pepi Merisio

photo by Pepi Merisio

In the spirit of trying to ease the burden on that future post, I plan to unhook a cultural reference from there and hang it here. This is what I have in mind: soon I’ll have a post for you in which I’ll want to be able to say, “it reminds me of the bit about the lion tamer–you know the one?” And I want you to be able to say (if you agree), “You’re right! That totally fits!”

So here’s the bit about the lion tamer.


If it turns out that you just happened by, and aren’t planning to stay long enough to read the post this will later connect to, at least you’ve had a helping of classic Monty Python. My apologies to any chartered accountants who’ve been offended.


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