Art to Share

Jose Villegas y Cordero, Self-Portrait. Madrid, Prado

Jose Villegas y Cordero, Self-Portrait. Madrid, Prado

Though el Guapo is the only artist I’m married to, he’s not the only artist I count as a friend, or whose work I enjoy. I’m planning a series that will feature work by various artists–some personal friends, some admired from afar, some just starting out, some well established. From time to time I’ll highlight paintings, photographs, illustrations, etc. that have something to say to me, because art can give us something we didn’t know we were missing.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to point me in the direction of artists whose work you think we all ought to see. Let’s explore together.

While you’re thinking of an artist to recommend, you can take a wander through a few studios, belonging to people even I had heard of. (All photos from an archive here.)

Camille Pissarro in his studio at Eragny, about 1897

Camille Pissarro’s studio

Monet in his studio with the Duke of Treviso, 1920

Monet in his studio with the Duke of Treviso, 1920

Joan Miro's studio, Mallorca

Joan Miro’s studio, Mallorca

John Singer Sargent, 1883

John Singer Sargent, 1883

Carl Heinrich Bloch

Carl Heinrich Bloch’s studio

from artist and studio, Rodin's the Thinker

Auguste Rodin’s studio

Paul Klee's studio

Paul Klee’s studio

Alexander Calder's studio

Alexander Calder’s studio

Jackson Pollock's studio

Jackson Pollock’s studio

Something about those last two makes me really grateful that I’m not in charge of clean-up.

2 thoughts on “Art to Share

  1. Very nice to see these, Lori. I don’t think anyone would be allowed in the artists’ studios, much less allowed to clean up!

    • The studios are so interesting, aren’t they? Those spattered boots of Jackson Pollock’s–I bet they’d go for a lot at auction.

      I haven’t gotten very far in my plans for this series–one post ready, and a list with just about 4 names, but one of them is yours. I hope you’ll be willing to share a number of photographs, and perhaps some thoughts. Be thinking about it–

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