Desert blooms

desert fauna orange

If you’ve been here for any length of time you already know that el Guapo can take some lovely pictures. In addition to being beautiful in their own right, these blossoms represent a couple of other praiseworthy points of interest:

1. El Guapo is a very good son. He took this picture on the hillside above his parents home in Southern Utah. He’s flown out to be with them in the aftermath of the fall in which his father broke a hip. So el Guapo is there to be a support to his mom, who has been bearing up very well, and to assist the medical staff in convincing his dad that he really does need to stay at the rehab center long enough to get some of his strength back, and that they’ll let him go home just as soon as he’s able.

2. El Guapo is a very sweet husband. He sent me these lovely flowers, and I am happy to be able to share them with you.

4 thoughts on “Desert blooms

    • Thanks, Cheryl. My father in law will be 96 in February, and a very independent sort. He’s been what we might call “outspoken” in expressing his opinion that it’s time to go home. I’m glad they’re getting some family time together, even while regretting the triggering event–

  1. Of course I love the flowers. Have you ever seen a flower that I didn’t love? I haven’t seen a lot of dessert flowers but I’ve seen the cactus that look like they are as transparent as wax and so very fragile. Love them. I just started tweeting or twittering or whatever and put you on my list to follow so now I know where to find your comments! I probably should have known before–you sent an address–I can never remember where to find such things, so here I am at long last, enjoying your blogs!

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