Family Home Beach

beach eveningMonday night in Mormon families often means Family Home Evening*. Our particular take on that for this week was Family Beach. We wheeled our bikes into and then out of the elevator, and about 20 minutes later we were at the Mediterranean. We hitched our mounts to a bike rack by an extremely cool playground (more on that in future), and soon we were walking in the softest sand imaginable, thinking how sweet a life we live.

It was a cooler night than we’ve been having, and cloudy. I assumed we would spend a little time looking for shells, and wouldn’t go in the water, but the waves proved irresistible. The combination of the cool air and the surprisingly warm waves lapping around our legs was genuinely delicious. We watched some surfers in a loose formation near the jetty; we watched runners and walkers, people of all ages.

We watched the subtle and amazing color patterns in the sand as the waves receded. We found lovely little bivalve shells and sea glass, and scraps of various kinds of seaweed. El Guapo collected a new set of juggling balls. beach felt ballsI’m not sure what sort of sea plant they began as, but the back-and-forth motion of the waves and sand does a perfect job of felting the fibers into strange brown balls that feel great in the hand. We’re not yet sure whether we will continue to be charmed by them after they’ve spent some time at home.

beach foamIn my experience, the beach in the evening is a different place. When our daughter Limonada was here in May, she wanted to be at the beach a lot–she was determined to get some color. Daytime at the beach meant more toplessness than we’re used to, more people asking us if we wanted a massage, or a beer, or a temporary tattoo, or a fresh chunk of coconut. For some of us, it meant more sunscreen.

In the evening, we’re past the need for sunscreen, which I see as a big plus. We’re also past toplessness, another plus, in my opinion. No one offers to sell us anything. And there’s something about the feel of the water when the air has begun to cool that I find hard to resist.

I know we’ve had our Family Home Evening for this week already, but it wouldn’t surprise me if tonight we end up having another round of family beach. Wish you were here–Lori at sunset beach


*We’re coming up on the 99th anniversary of Family Home Evening being a thing. First proposed in August of 1915,  it’s often a Monday thing, a time to get the family together. Some will say it’s got to have a spiritual component. Others will say it’s got to have a fun activity. Still others will admit that it rarely happens without some sort of scuffle (most usual in families with children of middle years, say, ages 2 to 19), but you might get the biggest majority declaring that it’s got to have treats. I grew up calling them “refreshments,” but whatever you call them, they seem to be an important feature.

10 thoughts on “Family Home Beach

    • I know you’re not really complaining, but I do vacillate, wondering if I’m sharing too much. Would it help to know that the wonderful beach sand makes the apartment floors a little bit gritty? And that there are tons of cigarette buts on the beach? both true, but the water did feel wonderful. I was quite sincere with my “wish you were here.” Someday, maybe, right? We’ll go to the beach at the lake near our house in July. Date?

  1. Would love a seaside FHE ….will have to travel to get one though, North Texas just has lakes — not quite the same but could be nice….glad you are having such wonderful experiences! Naomi & Lance

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    • Thanks so much! Given the New England winter we’ve been having, with more than 100 inches of snow to date, Family Home Beach seems just about perfect to me right now! We may be having Family Home Snow-Shoveling tonight–not nearly as appealing. Still, as a Book of Mormon prophet tells us, there must needs be an opposition in all things. It’s all this snow that makes me so grateful for the occasional Family outing to the beach.

      • I was just reading this note and I thought you might be able to a favor for a friend of ours!  I was talking with Mary Poulterabout visions of our homes back in MA, with all the snow you are having right now.  Mary said she would love to see a picture of their old home, Lentilwould, as they called it, there on Main St., betting it had snow up to the eaves by now!  Your comments here made me think, maybe if you are over by the Poulters old home or could drive by, maybe you could snap a picture of it and could get it to Mary?  I think she’d love it! I read your Welcome Valencian! — are you visiting Spain again?  If so, hope you have a great time!  What a great experience it must have been for you all to get to do that!  I love reading your ‘Notes’ and will continue to visit — keep up the interesting posts!! I talked to Carol Noones the other day…..she actually sounded pretty strong although I understand she had quite the scare with her heart stopping!  Glad that happened while she was actually in the ER!  Hope the rehab treats her well — she said she has had many calls and visits, so that is good!    Hope all of your family is doing great!  We had 4 inches of snow and ice for three or four days but today it is rainy and it’s melting away quickly! Stay warm!      Naomi

      • I’ve been hearing of your crazy winter storms from my friends! And yes… I agree… there is always opposition especially for holding FHE! 🙂 Thanks for letting me share this.

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