Yup, squid

giant-squidWhen last you heard from this clutch of intrepid diners, we were contemplating the mystery packet in the freezer.  Though Google Translate didn’t know what to do with “rabas,” el Guapo was clever (I keep him around for more than his good looks and his great photographs) and consulted the ingredients list. He then hunted up a translation of potón del pacífico, the main ingredient, and found that we were, in fact, in for squid, and giant squid at that. I’ll take this chance to congratulate my resident kids on their adventurous spirit. Though we toyed with not telling them beforehand what was for dinner, when they asked, we fessed up, and both Ninja and Loquita responded, “cool.”

Our rabas looked a lot like french fries, and after trying them el Guapo characterized them as “fries that fight back,” as they give quite a bit more resistance when you bite into them than does your typical spud. It was an unusual meal, and though it’s not destined to unseat any of my all-time favorites, we enjoyed it well enough. I guess now I’ll have to be on the lookout for something to top it.  Any suggestions?


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