Center Stage

Falla-MosesThis is the falla in the center of Valencia. El Guapo got quite a good picture, I think (even better than the main view on the Wikipedia entry for Falles, but then I’m a bit biased). As this is our first time in Valencia for Las Fallas, we’re not sure how everything works, but we’ve been told this is the last one to burn tomorrow night. Whatever the order, Moses and about 370 other fallas will all be burning down soon.

When do they sleep?

Despertá band I’m gathering some personal experiences to confirm what I’ve been told about Spaniards keeping a different schedule than I’m used to. It started with the time a few weeks ago when El Guapo and I went to a nightclub to hear some of his students play. It turns out [More….]

Pi Day

Pie for Pi

Though it began in San Francisco in 1988, the celebration of Pi day on March 14 (3.14) has spread throughout the world. Celebrating Pi Day by eating Pie makes more sense if you’re an English speaker, but this seems like a perfect time to promote international cooperation, or at least international enjoyment of pie. This tasty-looking specimen is actually a Kuchen, baked at [More…]

Looking for the bright side

The scene of the crimeValencia is a very walkable city, but walking can only get us so far, so fast. Accordingly, we’ve been working on getting access to bicycles. We have several options. Valencia has an extensive bike-sharing network called Valenbisi (a clever combination of “Valencia,” “bici”, a nickname for bicycle, and “sí,” or “Valencia-bike-yes!”) There are ranks of bikes parked at many street corners ready for you to rent; you pick it up at one place [More…]


Rotisserie We’re in a lovely place, in lovely circumstances. This is abundantly clear to me both as I look around and as I hear news of the aggressive winter weather that has been burying my home in New England for many weeks. I certainly love being here, but I’m in a delicate position. [More…]

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was my parents’ wedding anniversary. My husband pointed out to me this morning that while it’s a well established tradition to congratulate people on their birthdays, we generally do less of that regarding wedding anniversaries. This seems a little backwards. Making it to one’s next birthday (or “fulfilling the year”, from the Spanish) doesn’t usually require a lot of effort [More…]


I have never lived in the south, and I don’t feel that I can unselfconsciously adopt “y’all” into my New Englander speech. I also doubt that I could pull off “yous” because it conjures up a New Jersey gangster figure, even though it may have Irish roots. While I’m in Spain, though, I’ve got the [More…]