The Offering

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

El Guapo and I keep talking about the fact that any one of the aspects of Las Fallas would be enough to command attention, and it’s remarkable that interesting elements just keep on coming.

On Monday and Tuesday this week, beautifully costumed Valencians gathered in La Plaza de la Virgen to make L’Ofrena de flors (you see, you’re getting a little Spanish, a little Valencian, and I hope not a lot of confusion). For some reason El Guapo’s day job expects him do other things in addition to taking Fallas photos, so we may see a slight delay before I’ve got pictures of those carrying the flowers, but I can show you the destination. Here are some views of the giant wooden statue of the Virgin Mary holding young Jesus.

Awaiting her mantel of flowers

Awaiting her mantel of flowers



Over the two days of March 17th and 18th, red and white carnations are carefully fitted into the spaces between those wooden slats to form a gorgeous floral cape, as well as a lush red dais on which she stands. Behind the figures there is a carpet of bouquets. My 9 year old son is a let’s-figure-it-out machine, and concluded, correctly, that this is the destination of all the posies brought by the lovely falleras–the flower artists have plenty to do without dismantling each bunch before adding it to the offering. By the time we saw Mary Wednesday morning, she was entirely dressed in blooms.

Alongside the falleros and falleras carrying bouquets came huge flower arrangements of every description, carried on palanquins by strapping folks (at least I assume they were strapping–I didn’t see the carrying, but I saw the size of the structures they carried, and anything less than strapping would have been ill-advised).

Here’s some detail from the cape. virgen floras closeup
It seemed there were flowers of one kind or another in every direction. It was truly a remarkable sight. And, in contrast to so much else about Las Fallas, it was so quiet!

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